About !

About me !
Who am I ? I wonder ! Maybe, a radical thinker, who after complicating simple things, ends up dazed and confused. A struggling student, who have an enormous appetite for knowledge, but suffering paucity. An aspiring writer, writing under pseudo names to shield judgements. A computer engineer, who at times thinks machine language is better way of communication, because machines understands better. A wannabe Supertramp. A Bohemian Inside, Vagabond Outside.

At times, I think, only I exist, and everything else is a part of my deliberate consciousness. Other times, I think, I am just a tiny speck in the universal experiment. So Who am I ? Everyday, I try to define myself better and I am getting better at it.  🙂 ….

About Desirable Transactions !
I write about everything. Random musing to life lessons.
Desirable Transactions available on laptop and mobile devices


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